Friday, June 29, 2012

C3 2012

So yeah the Charm Cheerleading Championship 2012 a.k.a C32012 was held on last Saturday and Sunday. We have to go to OU for rehearsal on the day before competition. So we were taking official leave for two days. I don't really like to take leave because it cause me missed so many classes especially book keeping. Urgh! :/

Nothing much to talk bout the rehearsal so let's skip to the competition days ;p

Besides high school team, pee wee and all star teams are able to join C3 too! The pee wee cheerleaders were so cuteeeeeeeeeeee! I was wanted to take picture with them but then I forgot! Arrgghhhh how can I :(( One of my favourite pee wee team is the Sparks from Sri KL. They were the champion of pee wee division :D I really like their voice when their cheering awwww freaking cute ♥  Go blue! Go yellow! Go Sparks go! :D

Pictures I took in both days :) Not much picture cause didn't have much time for ourselves even thou we were staying at there for more than twenty hours :/

Amanda from Falcons.
My flyer and backspot in CA Aspire :D 

Coach Jun Kang and part of Co-ed members.
Wah Zai is acting shy hahaha. He can't make a fist properly LOL
With BF Eunice ♥

Adrian from Vulcanz.

Selca :p

Charm was setting booth on both days selling nice tee and cheer pants. Feel like want to buy them all but my purse don't allow me to do that TT Oh ya, and Cheer Treads too! They were selling bunch of cheer bows. Don't worry if you missed it, you can still get pretty bows from them through Cheer Treads' facebook :)

I was wanted to wait for my friends to upload pics to facebook first before I post this so that I can steal some pics from them but ended up cause I've waited for too long :/ More pics in facebook and Instagram.

And here's our day 2's routine

Sparks' :D

Have to go for dinner now. Ciao! :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Hi peeps! :D As you know I've stop blogging since the last post I posted about Cheer2011 in the previous blog, and now I decided to come back and start to blog again, with a new blog. New header, new background, new blog URL..  everything is new! :D I just want to make it simple so I chose two of my favourite colors to be the main color. My blog isn't interesting but I hope you do enjoy it! :)

I wanted to update my blog since months ago but I don't know how and what to be the first post. Since it ends with Cheer2011 in the previous blog, I'm gonna start my new blog with CHEER2012! 'Cheer' is the biggest cheerleading competition in Malaysia that organised by R.AGE and Galaxie, co-presented by Silkygirl and co-sponsored by Sugus. It was held at Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam instead of Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil this year. People told me it was because Stadium Putra is currently under renovation.

I think every of the cheerleader hopes the competition day will come faster because they can perform and show out what they've trained for the one whole year finally. Well, at least I do :p I've waited for the day to come for soooooo looooooooooooong but actually I'm kinda nervous when the day is near D: This is the first year my school team, Titadyn joining Cheer, we have the both all girls and co-ed team. This is the pictures of both team took during Cheer2012 by Silkygirl.

Titadyn Co-ed
Titadyn All Girls
I'm sorry the pictures is kinda blur cause I stole them from facebook :/

Below are the pictures I took on Cheer2012 day 1 and 2.

With the Aspire teammates, Michelle and Greg.

Mah wife ;)

Karkei :)

Ten years of friendship, BFF <3

Sneak peak. with Yu Qian
Do our back really look alike? There're like five or six people call us each other's name when they saw our back. NOOO :(

More pictures in Facebook and Instagram @heidi_t  You can see my recent pictures from Instagram on the right of the blog :D

So this year's all girls team champion is Cyrens, Dynamitez got first runner up and the second runner up goes to D-starz. Whereas the co-ed team champion is Zodiac, Tigers got first runner up and Vulcanz co-ed got second runner up. Congrats to all team! :) Titadyn All Girls' rank is 20th and Titadyn Co-ed rank 7th. Titadyn all girls' result is counted as quite good as this is their first time for joining a cheerleading competition. Congratulations girls! You all must be very very very good in the future time! :D

Here are the videos for both champion teams and our school team Titadyn.
Zodiac Co-ed
Titadyn All Girls
Titadyn Co-ed

Yeah, like what you saw from the video of Titadyn Co-ed, I fall in the ending pyramid. It was because I didn't step and stand up properly. That happens too fast and I don't even know I'm falling until I hit the floor. Ikr I'm stupid -.-  

Anyway, Cheer2012 had past so don't think bout it again. What I have to do is hit it perfect in the next competition, Charm Cheerleading Championship a.k.a C3 this Saturday and Sunday! Come and support Titadyn kay, it's at One Utama shopping centre, start from ten to five I think? Hope to see you there :)

It's time to sleep so bye :) Stay tuned for next post about C3 :D goodnight <3