Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dip dye x Underdye

My blog is dead for so long, not sure if anyone is reading this lol. Sorry for not keeping my blog updated because I was working in the WHOLE year end school holiday, since the first day till the last, I don't even have time to rest or what. I was seriously out of idea, and I don't think you will be interested with my daily routine cause I was doing the same routine everyday. Plus, something was wrong with the memory card that cause me unable to transfer the pics I took into my computer :/ Sis just fixed the problem anyway! That's why I'm blogging right now hehe.

If you're my follower in Instagram @heidi_t , you might know that I dip dyed my hair during the school holidays. I was so excited because it was the first time dying my hair! I had been waited for sooooo looooooooong to do that. I was wanted to dip dye green or blue but my hair stylist told me that it will fade into brown after washing like 4 or 5 times wtf. So I let her to choose and match the colors for me. I'm quite happy with the outcome thou :)

 Sis requested for this pose! I think it's funny LOLOLOLOLOL. So epic. But I love how my hair looks at here so still posting ;)

 Damaged hair :/

Tank top from H&M, Shorts from Zara, random tights, boots from Agape Boutique @Parkamaya, necklace from Mirrocle, bracelets from Diva.

These pics were taken right before I went to the saloon to dye my hair back to black, for me to recall my dip dyed hair in the future hahahah. I took off the tights and change my boots to a pair of flats before I go lol. Or people would stare at me like I'm an alien I guess? 

So that's all for today, hope you like my post! Will try to blog more frequent, stay tuned for more updates! :)

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