Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lunch at Plan B.

I just realized that I didn't update my blog for almost a month omg. The last post was posted on 17th of August :O

Had my lunch at Plan B after school today with mom and sis. We went to Publika branch, which is the nearest from school. It's my first time going Publika D: Bunch of blogger and Instagramers are posting bout Plan B recently and the pictures make my mouth water everytime. Especially in midnight! I HATE THEM :( But never mind. Finally I can do this to other people too. Hahahahahahha! I'm sorry if you're reading this in midnight and you're hungry lollllll.

This time I didn't forget to take pictures before eating them :DD

The menu.

Everyone should BELIEVE in something
Random shot from my seat.
Earl grey tea.
Sis' cappuccino.
Wild Mushroom Soup.
I like how their mushroom soup tasted because it's not so creamy like those we have normally. The creamy one will taste really good at first but then it will makes you feel full and a bit disgusting after finish like half bowl. But this one won't! The mushroom taste is so strong. Feel so original hahah.

Roasted Cherry Tomato Pomodoro Pasta. It's a bit way too sour.
The Loaded Club Sandwich.
Short Rib Rendang.
This tasted really good! The beef is cooked until so soft ♥ But it must be nicer if it's serve with coconut rice instead of steamed rice.
Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting (Y)
Someone told me Plan B's dessert is nice. So I start checking their dessert when I got the menu. You know I'm a dessert lover, especially cakesssss ♥♥ But there were only three of us, we only ordered one. We can't finish them if we order more than one because their portion is quite big. Must go again until I've tried all their cakes >:) So at last I decided to have carrot cake because I never eat carrot cheese cake before. Im a caveman hahah. The cake is HUGE :O And it tasted so good :D You must try this if you like carrot cake.

Yes this was captured and edited by me. Saw this thingy when we were walking back to the car park. I was kinda excited when I saw this because it's too nice ♥ First time doing typography. What do you think?

That's all for today. Enjoy! :)

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