Friday, August 10, 2012


Sorry for the lack of updates people. TRUST ME, I always wanted to blog, but I always 'lag' on the half way writing a post. There's a few half-done drafts I wrote weeks ago, I seriously don't know what and how should I continue them :| I know right I'm a fail blogger.

LOL just saying. But I'll try my best ;)

Recently the ombre, pastel, colorful/rainbow trend is damn hot in Malaysia. Actually the trend comes quite long ago but in Malaysia it just begin. You know la, we're always SLOW. The pictures of the ombre stuff are all over the Instagram, Tumblr and bunch of other websites. Even my blog in pastel color too hehe :p All the pastel color and ombre stuffs are just too pretty! No one can deffend them ♥

Here are some pictures I got from Instagram, Tumblr or Google. Hair and cakes are the common one in the web.

Just admit that, GREEN.IZ.COOL.

♥♥Ombre x Pastel ♥♥♥
A popular model( in Instagram & tumblr?). She has pastel color hair and she always changes her hair color!

Pastel pink ♥
A screenshot from my Instagram. Dollswithdye is one of my fav instagramer!
I hope I can have pastel hair in the year end school holidays. But too bad the hair stylist told me it would cause a serious hair damage after bleaching my hair and I'll have to dye 2-3 times to get back my dark brown hair before school reopen. WHY WE ASIANS HAVE DARK COLOR HAIR?! TT

 And the cakesssssssss.

They looks good but I don't think they taste good. It's just too much food coloring :/
It would be really nice if it's in my wedding ♥
MAYBE I'll try to make some cupcakes or ombre cakes during the coming school holidays. MAYBE. If my mom willing to let me do that. It's because my mom always ask me to get out of the kitchen because she says I will mess it up hahahahha. Any one dare to eat if I made some? :p

The recent art work I'm doing is fashion design. I'm going to paint my model's hair pastel color hehe >:D I'll share it with you guys after I'm done with it :) I think the next post will probably blogging about BBQ party again (you probably haven't read the previous bbq post cause I forgot to share it in facebook) because there will be one on Monday at my house, with last year's classmates :D Worst thing is Ms Meagan can make it :((

That's all for today, stay tuned for next post. Don't forget to click into the advertisements in my blog! (You just have to click in, wait until it finished loading then close it) Thanks a lot! :)

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