Friday, August 17, 2012



 I love the gangnam style dance! And song la of course ;D Actually the dance is weird, the song is just so-so, but when you combine them together, MAGIC HAPPENS. You will definitely FALL.IN.LOVE with the whole thing! Uhm maybe no, hahah. But most of you love it right. Don't say no. I saw lots of people posting and sharing the M/V in facebook >:) It has 34769082 views in Youtube (at 10.52pm) :OO And you know what? The song ranks second in Youtube O_O I think it will chase up to the first very soon! :D

Before this song I don't even know who's PSY. When I first watch the M/V, I thought he's a random weird uncle :/ It it.. IT WAS BECAUSE HE LOOKS LIKE GAM YU LOU! D: If I saw him when I'm walking alone on the street, I would run! HAHAHAHAHAHAH. SORRY. After watching the other music videos by PSY then only I know that he's a Korean singer. And this song, Oppa Gangnam Style was written by himself, and he choreographed the dance too. He got inspiration from the horses, I think I can also discover something new from other animals. Piggy maybe? :p

The M/V got 35091644 views at 11.11pm.

I know you guys must have watched it but still I want to share because it is just AWESOME.

And here's a Hongdae Style M/V. The so-called best parody of Oppa Gangnam Style. It is from Trend Factory. They did a parody Fantastic Baby M/V before, and people say it's the best parody too. What can I say is this group of people is REALLY AWESOME. They have the same costume(almost okay, not 100%), same action, and SAME EXPRESSION AT THE SAME TIME. Cool right. Watch it at here!

35285711 views at 11.34pm.

I watched almost every video related to Oppa Gangnam Style. After watching the making of the M/V, I think it's so much fun and I feel like want to make one too! IM SERIOUS. I even asked my friends, will they help or join me. I'm happy that they all willing to help! But there's a big problem that we don't have enough of time to prepare for it. So we ended up cancel the shooting. I SHOULD PLAN IT EARLIER! :( But never mind la, maybe there will be another new song after this and maybe it will have larger influence than this. Then we can make a parody M/V for it during year end holidays. Who knows?

So that's all for this post. Keep your gangnam style on! ;)

Oh ya, I want to share one more video with you all. Not gangnam style, not k-pop. It's a video of a very very very super duper cute magician. MY SON OKAY :p You will definitely LOVE him. I swear. I can't stop smilling when I'm looking at him. He is so sweet. He is love. I want to have a son like this! TT I killed by him after watching this. I'M DEAD.

It's counter strike time hehe. Goodnight peeps! Happy birthday, GD :)

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