Thursday, July 19, 2012


I still can remember the last time I BBQ was last year's Chinese New Year eve party at relative's house. Duh, how long. Since my mom don't really like to have BBQ party at house (It must make a mess), so what I can do is wait for someone to organize it at somewhere and I just join! hahahha.

Last week the gang of crazy classmates was disscussing want to have a BBQ party. We all decide to make it on Saturday at Zee Yan's house. They went to Jusco to buy ingredients after school (I didn't join them cause I have to go Pavi that time hehe). As you know hicken wings is the MUST HAVE for BBQ party so I brought 10 pairs of them :p It was still early when I reached Zee Yan's house, like around six. BUT THEY WERE ALREADY BBQ-ING AND EATING even though the charcoal haven't heat yet :O I was like, THIS ---> O_O And they were showing me a face of 'I don't care I just wanna eat' LOLLLL.

Part of the food we prepared

Penguin and her gai yek ahhahaha.

with my favourite sweet corn <3 AB color.

Yay finally they're cooked!

These are just small lil parts of the food. We bought too much until we can't finish them D: I think the food is enough for 15 person but there was only 8 of us hahahah. We cook and bring it to school everyday after the BBQ party and the sausagessss still haven't finish yet! This is kinda horrible LOL.

Lastly, our family pics, I stole them from facebook hehe. Credit to li shean(did I spell wrong? o.o).

4A Ren

That's all for today. It's time to sleep now *yawn*. Goodnight :)

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