Wednesday, March 27, 2013

< today is 22 >

We were having a BBQ party during the last day of school at Villa Angsana Condominium. We planned and invited everyone included some of our teachers before the standardized test and of course everyone of us was looking forward for it and feel sooooooooo excited right after the exam ended. 

After waiting like years, finally comes the 22th of March. Nickae suggested to have a theme, she named it < today is 22 >. It's a posing theme, you can see that we were posing like V^.^V in some of the pictures, which means 22. We also planned to draw '22' on our face but I don't know why we didn't do that lol. We were quite fail for our plan.

Pictures taken under the daylight are so much nicer. We tried our best to take as many pictures as we can before the sky turns dark. Btw, Jia Wei and I was the photographer of the day ;)

Picture taken by Nickae using her Iphone5. I seriously LOVE how Iphone5's camera makes people look so much thinner and taller! 

I like this candid shot by Jia Wei :D

Group shot with our teachers.
I don't really know how to adjust the camera settings so the pictures taken at night is quite blur :( 

Everyone of us was having fun that night! All of them were being pushed into the pool but me :B Cause I wasn't allow to :( But my body gone all wet too because we use water guns to shoot each others hahahahha. It was my first time playing water gun btw.

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