Monday, July 9, 2012


Finally there's a Sunday that allow me to go out to have a walk or shopping. I was too busy in the past few weeks and that's why I didn't go out for like more than a month? Since I have school on Saturday, I have only ONE DAY for me to relax every week. Screw our school.

So yesterday I went to Setia City Mall with my family. I've heard of it like months ago but I don't have time to go and my parents actually ignore me when I told them bout it -.- Thanks my bro for asking to go yesterday, you know I was like WHY YOU IGNORE ME WHEN I ASK?! Then my mom say YOU GOT SAY MEHHHH? Oh okay I didn't say -.- Talking back about the mall, it's located at Setia Alam, Shah Alam. The mall is quite big, with lots of fashion shop and restaurants. Many of my favoutite shops are in it :B In front of the mall there's a park. Didn't went to have a walk because the weather was too hot. I think it would be very nice at night. I googled some pictures of the mall and park.

I will definitely come to this place again, at night if possible, walk around the town park and take pic :D I always want to take pic but no one can help, urgh :/

Things i bought yesterday.
Cute lil things from Daiso <3
Uhm the watermark. I was trying new thing :p Will share with you all next time

That's all about yesterday. Oh ya, I made myself a new header hehe. Do you like it? It's still not perfect, I'll change again :/ And I don't blog about my school's cross country first because I didn't lots pic on that day. I'm going to steal some from facebook so I have to wait people to upload first :p So stay tuned. Bye! :)

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