Monday, July 2, 2012


I think most of you heard of Churp Churp. Are you a churper? If NO,

What teenagers most needed isn't any other thing, it is POCKET MONEY. True right cause I'm also a teenager lol.  There's an easy way to earn some pocket money for yourself by using twitter, blogspot or facebook. What you have to do is just sitting right infront of your computer, sign up an acoount AT HERE, link your twitter, facebook account and start sharing links. THAT'S ALL. It IS that easy, no doubt.

You have to:
  1. Sign up new CHURP CHURP account
  2. Link your twitter and facebook account
  3. Start sharing links from Churp Churp
  4. Wait money to roll in
Just four easy steps, then you can earn yourself some pocket money. You don't have to gone to work on time, you don't have a boss, of course it is Churp Churp but it won't give you any order or scold you. And you can continue playing video games, watching telly, doing your homework or revision i mean if you're that hardworking :p Oh ya and EATING! :3 It's like the most important thing in my life hahahhaha. And also, you can always get the freshest news from Churp Churp. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Churp churp NOWWWW!

Before you quit, click into the advertisements on the top, right and bottom of my blog. thanks a lot! :D

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